April 26th, 2024

Partnership with Ekofluid GmbH

New supply lines from Germany to Baltics

FILOIL plants represent the absolute best in the field of treatment and purification of transformer oils. Several new features developed inhouse by our research and development department result in the state-of-the-art transformer oil treatment and purification equipment. To learn more about the advanced features of our FILOIL plan explore the points below.

ISO certified manufacturer

Stadium shaped vacuum chamber is the ultimate vacuum chamber design. Enlarged vacuum vessel allows for faster and reliable treatment even for ester based oils. Best performing foam sensors ever ensure reliable operation and foam detection. Up to 4 sensors found on our new stadium vacuum chamber allow for precision foam level control.

REOIL transformer oil regeneration module

Most power equipment is using transformer oil for its dielectric properties for cooling, insulating, and protecting the active parts. Transformer oils are highly refined oils that consist mainly of a mixture of hydrocarbons. Over time, oxidation by products start to form in the oil. Increases in oxidation by products result in the increase of acidity (neutralization number) and decrease the interfacial tension of the oil. At this stage, sludge starts to form, and oil is losing its dielectric properties because it is getting old. To prevent further deterioration of oil and possible damage to the active part of the transformer, oil needs to be regenerated. Oil regeneration equipment regenerates oil in steps.

At the inlet of the equipment, oil is filtered through a coarse filter to prevent any particles from entering the equipment. It is then heated to the desired temperature to elevate the regeneration effect. After the oil has been heated, it enters the back section of the equipment. Oil is pumped through the back section which houses columns with sorbent media. It is in this section where the oil is stripped of impurities and ageing by products.

Technical characteristics of oil regeneration equipment

Oil regeneration equipment is sophisticated. Its inlet pump is a positive displacement rotary pump. The outlet pump is a centrifugal closed coupled high suction pump. For degassing the rotary vane, a vacuum pump and vacuum booster roots pump are used. For the reactivation phase, a rotary piston roots pump is used. All valves across the equipment are automatic ball valves, which are pneumatically controlled. Equipment is fully automatic, controlled by PLC logic and interfaced with a SCADA system. Numerous safety features are introduced throughout the unit to ensure the safety of the equipment as well as the operating personal. Aeration valves, overheating protection, and automatic level switches guarantee the safety of the equipment as well as its ability to identify a possible risk and to power down to prevent any accidents.